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We work with the objective of Environment Sustainability through our innovative Solutions, Products and Services. We offer high quality product manufacturing and our dedicated services with an Emphasis on three R’s Principle, viz. Reduction , Reuse, and Recycling of resources.

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This is method is most common and suitable method to use waste into usable form is dumbing waste.

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This method is followed by burning the solid waste at high temperature and turned into the residue and gaseous material.

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Recovery and Recycling

This method is usefull because in this method we can reuse the material by converting them into usable form by recycling them.

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Plasma gasification

This process contens the high power above 10000F which is used to break the larger bonds of solid waste, this method is also be used for renewable energy.

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In this method waste is degraded and then that waste is used as an mineral which is full nutrients for plants.

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Waste to Energy (Recover Energy)

conversion of energy into heat and electricity from waste. This types of energy is formed fron non-recyclable waste again and again.

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Falcotech india is all set to control all the types of  problems which are overcome by waste . we are here to resolve  Air Pollution, Light Pollution, Noise Pollution, Plastic Pollution,
Thermal Pollution, Visual Pollution, Water Pollution, Radioactive Contamination, Soil
Contamination, Littering etc. through our innovative and unique solutions of converting waste into usable form .

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