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 Falcotech India offers innovative Eco friendly Solutions with an emphasis on the Principle of 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycleof our valuable resources. We are committed to provide best equipment for Various Solutions to Recycle Waste, Water and Preserve the Resources through our Unique and innovative solutions and services Model.  Falcotech India dedicates its efforts towards the manufacturing of products offering eco- friendly recycling of waste items. The prime focus of the company is to attain high standards of customer satisfaction through our efficient and unique products and services.  Falcotech India has proficient team of engineers and supervisors that works in consistent co-ordination to achieve customer-satisfaction. Our team focuses on identifying the requirements of the customers and meeting their end-to-end requirements. Our team members are hard-working and dedicated to offer innovative technological solutions and products in a cost effective manner. Our Team is ready to combat Air Pollution, Light Pollution, Noise Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Thermal Pollution, Visual Pollution, Water Pollution, Radioactive Contamination, Soil Contamination, Littering etc. through its innovative and unique solutions and products.


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