Industrial chimneys are vertical structures that are designed to limit the influence of greenhouse gases and other industrial chemicals on the environment. After industries have completed their production operations, these masonry (brick), concrete, or steel buildings are utilized to evacuate gases generated by them.

           The natural flow or stack effect is used to operate the chimney. As we all know, the density of a gas decreases as its temperature rises, thus as flue gases enter the chimney, the buoyant forces of air kick in and assist in transporting the flue gases out of the chimneys.

              A dust collecting system is an air quality improvement device that removes particulate matter from the air and environment to improve breathable air quality and safety in industrial, commercial, and residential production shops. Dust collection systems work on the catch, convey, and collect principle.

            Dust collectors operate by sucking dust and particulates from the air and passing them through a filter, which catches and separates the particles before releasing the cleansed air back into the workplace or environment. 

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